due South

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  La Mia Famiglia   11/00.
  Lean   6/00.


  Smokescreen   Fraser/Female. 12/99.

Not Quite Slash

  Q. What is Fraser's favorite baseball team?   A. Tampa Bay.
  The Meet   It's a party, everyone's invited. 4/00.
  Stabat   Frannie. 10/99.


  Hold   Fraser/Kowalski. 3/01.
  In the Manger   Kowalski/Fraser, Kowalski/Turnbull. 12/00.
  Astrophil   Fraser/Kowalski. 7/00.
  Tarnish on Bronze   Fraser/Kowalski. 5/00.
  Hunt the Hunter   Thatcher/Mackenzie. 4/00.
  Evening   Thatcher/Vecchio. 3/00.
  Stare   Thatcher/Vecchio. 1/00.

Stare has two post-slash follow-ups:
Another Little Piece of My Heart   2/00.
My Whole Entire Heart   2/00.

  Aubade   Fraser/Kowalski. No, you schmoopy. 11/99.
  With Love   Fraser/Kowalski. 10/99.
  The Replacements   Kowalski/Krycek. due South/X-Files crossover. 9/99.

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