Ratings: Slash, m/m, Fraser/Kowalski. Drabble.
Summary: Fraser finds reason to think warmly of Stella.
Disclaimers: Everyone here belongs to Alliance. Is it going overboard to have an epigraph that's one-fourth as long as the piece itself?

by Sitnah

"I guess --"

My pulse jumped at the sound of Ray's voice. We'd been walking in silence -- a stillness I wished I could attribute to the fresh injury of this latest news, though I knew it was really the same one that had taken root during our last six months on the sled. After I forced Ray, who had always been so free of his energy, to begin conserving it.

"-- if you think about it," he said, "it's Vecchio steppin' into my shoes, now."

His mouth crooked upwards.

I think if Stella had been there, I could almost have kissed her.

For, soon as they strake thee with Stella's rays,
Reason, thou kneeledst, and offeredst straight to prove
By reason good, good reason her to love.
- Sir Philip Sidney