Ratings: Slash, f/f, Dawson/Whittaker. Drabble.
Summary: Clara is concerned about Agatha's future.
Disclaimer: Unnatural Death and all its characters belong to Dorothy Sayers. For, however realistic the background, the slasher's only native country is Cloud-Cuckooland, where they do but jest, fuck in jest: no offence in the world.

Before I Wake
by Sitnah

"You haven't answered my question," Clara persisted.

"It's a horrid question. Come here, my gloomy darling."

"Mm… -- But what would you do?"

"I should wrap myself in black crepe and wander across the hillsides you used to ride over, crying out for my lost love, and startling the sheep."

"Now -- oh, mind your hip… now be serious, Aggie."

"Well, I suppose I'd get Mary in to look after me."

"Charles's girl?"

"Yes, she'd do it. She's one of us, you know. I'm sure of it."

"Perhaps… mmm… but don't you think she seemed --"

But then Agatha succeeded in distracting her.