Summary: Riley accepts an offer. Drabble.
Disclaimers: Oh Joss, you came and you gave without taking... I hope.
Spoilers: Nope. But this doesn't have a prayer of making any kind of sense at all unless you've seen Out of My Mind.

by Sitnah

The door crashes open.

"You might have knocked," Spike says.

Riley just stands there.

"Well, come on, then -- what do you want?"

Riley mutters. "… said you had needles I could borrow."

"Oh, the missus sent you…"

"She didn't send me. She doesn't know I'm here."

"Then why are you?"

" -- Just give me," Riley insists. His eyes don't leave Spike's.

"Yeah. Sure." Spike rummages, returns, presses metal into Riley's hands. "And --" Spike's T-shirt slips over his shoulders, leaving them bare. "-- there's for the size."

Riley's breath hitches. His fingers close on the material.

"Door's behind you," Spike says.

Riley uses it.