For e, sine qua non.

Disclaimers: Almost everyone here belongs to NBC.

by Lesa Soja

Jim finds Pam with Shelley, the new temp, in the breakroom. "Jim!" Shelley cries. "Pam was just telling me about your first date. Ballroom dancing - that's so romantic!"

"Oh, that wasn't our first date," Jim says. "Our-" Pam is grimacing wildly behind Shelley's back. "Ah - yeah, it had to be something special, for Pam."

"You're so lucky, Pam." Shelley sighs. "Well, I should get back."

She returns to Angela's desk. Jim leans down. "So. Wanna go out tonight? To the roof, perhaps, since we haven't had a date there yet?"

Pam's trying to glare, but she can't hide her smile.