Ratings: Slash, f/f. Scully/Holly. Drabble.
Summary: Mulder visits Scully in the hospital.
Disclaimer: Everyone here belongs to Chris Carter and 1013.

by Sitnah

In the hospital corridor, Mulder plastered on a smile before knocking.

"Come in," Scully called. He pushed the door open.

Holly was sitting up in bed, but it was Scully, in the chair next to her, who was holding the baby. Holly's fingers were at Scully's neck, stroking her hair. Neither of them looked up from the yellow-wrapped bundle.

Frohike's unfinished research. Langley's sarcastic eyebrow. The narrow tube that would rot in the back of his freezer.

Then Scully lifted her head, smiling. "Come meet your godson, Mulder."

He pulled his spine upright and stepped forward. "Hi, Mom," he said.