Summary: Pre-DS. Lunchtime in the Vecchio household. Drabble.
Disclaimer: Everyone here belongs to Alliance.

La Mia Famiglia
by Sitnah

"Ma, I don't feel so good," I said.

"Not now, cara."

"But Ma…"

"Shut up, Frannie," Maria hissed. Pop came into the kitchen.

"Lena!" he yelled. "Where's my lunch?"

"It's ready, Domenico, it's right here." She whisked his plate in front of him.

"M--" I started. Ray kicked me under the table.

"Sit still! Didn't I teach you kids any manners?"

"Yeah," Ray muttered.

"What's that?"

"Yes, sir."

"Then start acting like it."

I pushed back my chair and ran to the sink. Ma jumped up and pulled Pop out of the room.

Ray came over and held my forehead.