Ratings: Slash, f/f. Thatcher/Mackenzie. Drabble.
Summary: Maggie Mackenzie is one attractive woman.
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Alliance. Title belongs to Alanis Morissette (she's Canadian, y'know).

Hunt the Hunter
by Sitnah

The telephone sat quietly on the corner of Meg's desk.

She felt jumpy. She felt fourteen again, looking up Christine Sinclair's middle name in the school directory.

(Pemmican carried all the way from the Territories.)

She should call. There was no misuse of resources involved. Border hoppers, a lone constable, no official communications…

(That hair. That smile. That uniform.)

Turnbull was fussing. He had noticed something; he could tell.

Should she say it? Words fell out of Meg's mouth. "Well, I-- I felt…"

Resentment? Oh, Turnbull.

"That's very perceptive of you."

He left at last.

Steady hands. Meg dialed Canada.