Ratings: Slash, m/m. Exley/Dales. Surprisingly vanilla alien chair sex.
Summary: PWP. A "missing scene" from The Unnatural: what if the bus didn't leave till the next morning?
Disclaimer: There's no money here, Chris. Move along.

by Sitnah

I thought I couldn't be any more startled than I already was, but when the door opened, my heart jumped halfway up my throat.

"Bus leaves at five," Johnson said, and then he caught sight of us. "Ooh!"

After the door shut, Exley turned back to me, shifting a little on my lap. "Well, he thinks he got hisself an eyeful, huh?"

His voice sounded amused, but the blond hair, the tits -- I couldn't laugh. It was just too weird. "Yeah. I guess."

He chuckled. "And you? Think on it, Arthur -- this don't make you feel better?" He rocked up against me, too gentle, too soft. "This don't make you feel good?"

I couldn't look at him.

He was looking at me, though, and he stopped moving while he did. Then he spoke up again. "Naw," he said thoughtfully. "That ain't what you want."

And then he -- I don't know what he did, exactly, but -- a shiver went through him, and his weight changed... and when I looked back, I had Josh Exley in my lap. Ex, with the coffee-colored skin and the long, long legs. And he was smiling the friendliest smile at me. "This," he said. "This what you want."

"Yeah," I said. I couldn't help myself.

Ex smiled even wider and then he kissed me, fast and sweet. "Y'ain't gonna faint on me again, are ya?" he said in my ear.

"No," I gasped.

His mouth was hot, and his tongue was slow, and when he rocked against me again my cock got hard. The ribbing of his undershirt pressed grooves into my fingers. My arms were full of him, the same warmth I felt under me when I tackled him on the field a few weeks ago, the warmth in his eyes when he thanked me. My cock wasn't the only one hard.

Ex let go of my mouth and put both hands on my face to hold me away for a minute. "Listen, Arthur," he said, "we can't do very much."

"I don't care," I said.

"'Cause my kind, y'know, our blood, our come -- it's like poison to y'all."

I shook my head, tried to clear it. "I -- I don't care, Ex. I just --" My hands moving helplessly on his back. "I just want --"

"Yeah, me too," he said. "Don't worry," and he flashed me another smile. "I'm 'a take care a' you."

He reached into my pajamas and pulled out my dick. I nearly jumped to high heaven.

Ex laughed. "Easy, baby," and pushed me back against the chair. Hands callused but gentle, not like my own. Not my own. Ex's hands on me, Ex stroking me, long fingers (long fingers) squeezing, tugging, my hips pushing up, thighs spreading as he slid between them to the floor. His hand around the base of my cock, and then his mouth on the head, my hands suddenly in his hair, his hair. I never felt hair like that before.

Never felt a mouth like that before, either, moving up and down on me. I groaned, bet you anything he was smiling again but I wouldn't know, head thrown back, oh, please. "Please, Ex, oh…" Pulled my head back up, had to look, had to see him. Fifty stolen bases and sixty home runs and one hundred eighty male pounds kneeling between my legs. His other hand tracing circles on my knee.

I swallowed once, moved my hands to his shoulders. That mouth, that mouth, couldn't help thrusting, and then, too soon, I felt it rising. "Please, you gotta… I'm gonna…"

Shock of cold air as his mouth was gone, then both his hands on my dick again, that frantic last-minute rhythm. Sounds coming from me, "yeah, oh…"

"C'mon, baby, I got you," and oh, Ex. Jerking, and thrusting, and coming into his hands -- never like that…

And then just shaking. Shaking in his arms, because he moved back up to drape over me. "Easy, now. You made it. You safe."

After a while I lifted my head, a little blindly, but found his mouth, kissed him. He tasted… but I couldn't think about that now. Just his lips under mine. His fingers on my face, pushing my hair back from my forehead.

And his cock jutting against my stomach.

I put my hand on his side, and got distracted by skin where his undershirt had pushed up. That was… I sat up and he moved back to let me, let me run my hands up under the shirt and strip it off. His chest was smooth in the lamplight, a broad expanse of skin, dark nipples. All I had to do was lean my head forward and my tongue connected with one. He shifted slightly, a little sigh. I put both hands on his waist and held him to my mouth, and he moved with me, twisting in my grip.

"Oh, yeah…"

My hands slipped around his waistband, brushed the front of his shorts. Slid over his cock. Then I had to lean back because I had to look. I fumbled a little and then I had his dick free.

Long, blunt, curved. I ran a hand down the length of it, my fingers shockingly pale against him. I started to bend down, and he stopped me with a hand on my shoulder, like I could have bent far enough if he hadn't. "Naw," he said. "Naw, you don't wanna do that. Just --" He reached for my hand, lifted it, spit in my palm, and then wrapped my fingers around him.

His cock was hot to the touch, hard already, but I swear I felt him get even harder as I stroked him. It felt awkward, this angle, doing someone else. How would I know when it was good? But I didn't have to worry about that, it turned out, he just told me: "Oh, yeah, there… no… like that…fuck yeah…"

Ex rocked forward and back, steadying himself with a hand on my shoulder, his ass flexing on my thighs. I wanted to kiss his throat, stopped and held on to his dick with both hands while I leaned forward to do it. Then the heel of his hand pounded against my arm, "you killin' me, man!" I was laughing as I started jacking him again, laughing even more because he was laughing too. "Shh! shh!" he hissed, but I was still grinning like an idiot. "Yeah -- oh!" and he reached down suddenly and pushed my hands away. "Stop -- stop, fool!" -- still breathless as he took his dick into his own (long fingers) hands and swiveled around to the side, aiming away from me, and came.

There might have been a noise like a sizzle on the floor, but all I could see was him, shoulders lifting with each breath, eyes even darker than before.

"You all right?" Ex asked eventually. He had tucked his cock back into his shorts, let his legs slip between mine till his feet hit the floor.

"Yeah. You?"

"Oh, yeah."

My fingers were rubbing on his back, on his arms. His skin was sweaty, but he didn't act concerned about that, so I didn't either. He felt good against me. I closed my eyes to listen to his breathing.

His hand was on my shoulder. "Hey -- hey," he said. "You sleepin'?"

I opened my eyes. "No," I said.

Ex kissed my mouth. "Go sleep in yo' own room, Arthur," he said. Another kiss. "Got no need for more folks askin' questions."

I bit my lip. "Ex --"

"Don't worry." He pulled me up, pulled me close. Walked me backwards to the connecting door and kissed me one more time before opening it. "I got plenty a' practice keepin' secrets."

And from then on, so did I.