Ratings: Post-slash, no motss content. Drabble.
Summary: Post-COTW, Frannie keeps herself occupied.
Notes: This is loosely intended as a follow-up to Stare and a companion to My Whole Entire Heart, but it can also be read on its own.
Disclaimers: Characters belong to Alliance. Title belongs to Queen.

Another Little Piece of My Heart
by Sitnah

"Say hi," Frannie coaxed. "'Hi, Uncle Ray.'"

"Doos," Maria demanded.

Shoot. Frannie put the phone back to her own ear. "Ray?"

Just then Tony started crying. "You doin' okay?" Ray asked. "Sounds like you've got your hands full."

"I'm fine, Ray. Give my love to Stella, okay?"

"Yeah. 'Bye, Frannie."

"'Bye." She hung up and shifted Maria to her other hip. "Let's go see your brother."


"In a minute."

As they reached the twins' room, the baby kicked. Frannie pressed her arm against her belly. Hands full? Yes. Hands filled to overflowing, and no time to miss anything else.