Ratings: Slash, m/m, m/f references. M/K (among other things). Drabble.
Summary: Mulder lets go of the past.
Disclaimer: Everyone here belongs to Chris Carter and 1013.

by Sitnah

"Roll over," Krycek says.

Mulder can't help thinking how strange it still feels to be doing this without Phoebe kneeling at his head, holding his hands. Crooning to him what a good boy he is. Not that he wants Phoebe here now, but... His mind skates past Kristen, Diana, and collides with

the tendrils of hair escaping down Scully's cheeks because she won't let go to push them back

-- but no, no, Krycek's grip on his hips is enough, it has to be. Mulder wraps his fingers around his own cock. It's not so bad to have his hands free.