Ratings: M/F. Fraser/Female. Mild incest theme. Drabble.
Summary: Fraser gets away with one.
Spoilers: Nope, not really. But it would help to have seen Hunting Season, and perhaps We Are The Eggmen as well.
Disclaimer: Everyone here belongs to Alliance.

by Sitnah

It was there, it was within his reach, and she was right there with him. Fraser closed his eyes and still saw her, long limbs in red serge glowing against his eyelids. She was -- it was -- he was so close and


and he was jerking and spurting inside her.

When he opened his eyes, his wife was brushing her short, dark hair out of her face. She stretched a hand up to stroke his cheek. "Ben, I love you, but I hate it when you call me that."

He ducked his head and slid out of her. "Sorry, Meg."