Category: V.
Keywords: Pre-XF.
Summary: Mulder in high school.
Disclaimers: Mulder belongs to Chris Carter and 1013. Title belongs to Everclear.

Weird Inside
by Sitnah

"Johnson! Mulder! You're late. Five laps, upper loop -- now!"

Fox flinched, but as he and Steve jogged around the field, the tightness in his chest eased and he felt glad again as always to be at practice. Three long hours yet before he had to go home. There'd be basketball after this season ended, baseball in spring. He'd thought about swimming, but cross country was better -- long sweatpants, long sleeves, even a hood. And he kind of liked the way Coach talked to them, even when he was angry. Someday, Fox promised himself, everyone will say 'Mulder' and mean me.