Ratings: Post-slash, no motss content. Drabble.
Summary: Post-COTW, Meg keeps herself occupied.
Notes: This is loosely intended as a follow-up to Stare and a companion to Another Little Piece of My Heart, but it can also be read on its own.
Disclaimers: Character belongs to Alliance. Title belongs to the Thompson Twins.

My Whole Entire Heart
by Sitnah

The desert got cold at night. It reminded Meg of home.

Alone in her room, she pulled off her kepi and ran a hand through her hair. She also removed her jacket, but she kept her boots on and did not loosen the bindings under her shirt.

Sitting on the narrow bed, she reviewed the day's events. Her head was full of numbers, arms shipments, troop movements. Information valuable enough to regain her some favor, if she could relay her report in time.

A draft chilled her. Meg leaned back and closed her eyes. Canada. It was Canada she missed.