Ratings: Slash, m/m, b/d. Fraser/Kowalski. Drabble.
Summary: Ray makes Fraser smile.
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glass sealed and pretty
-- the Cure

With Love
by Sitnah

"I think I'd like to hear you say 'sir'."

Ray knows that look: It's a perfectly reasonable request, Ray. And he knows damn well how this works. It was easy to kneel down, easy to stay kneeling till told to get up, easy to hold his wrists out for the cuffs. The bruises he'll have tomorrow don't bother him. Shit, that time Sandor said, "Thank you," he said, "You're welcome" -- didn't bother him a bit.

"Ray?" Fraser prompts. He doesn't look angry, just mildly expectant.

Ray swallows. "Yes, sir."

Fraser bestows a smile on him. Ray feels a little better.