Icon ficlet for Imogen:

car j'en ai un joli
by Lesa Soja

The noon show goes fine, but the television taping drags on, and on, lights hot on Nick's face and his bangs in his eyes again and the host babbling on for ages in German before saying anything Nick can understand. Kevin kicks Nick's chair like he promised, and Nick straightens up just in time before his mom's eye falls on him. The girls in the audience break into a burst of giggles; he puts on what he hopes is a polite smile. His mom looks away again with no change of expression.

Brian blushes a little when he says he hopes to get married and have kids some day. "Uh, I like a girl with a nice smile," Nick says. He wonders if he can grab another of those dry little rolls for dinner on the way out. At this rate they're really gonna have to book to make soundcheck for the seven and nine o'clock shows.

Paris's car isn't in the drive when Nick gets back, but her jacket and bag and flipflops are strewn around the foyer, so maybe she's just sent her driver home for the night. "Baby?" he calls, and she comes running in from the living room.

"Nick!" and she's pressed all against him, long arms twining around his neck. He sets his hands on her waist, and she tugs his head down to kiss him.

"Mm," she says a minute later. "How was stuff at the studio?"

"Pretty good," he says. "We've got most of this song laid down now. Howie just wants to go over a couple more things tomorrow. How about you?"

She shrugs. "Lot of takes, just trying shit out. None of it's probably usable."

"You'll know when it's right," he says. She flashes the sly grin he can't look away from.

"Want a shower before dinner?" she asks, and darts away at his nod. He follows the trail of a turquoise skirt to a green tank top and barrette set with daisies, to the silky sky blue thong lying on his navy blue bathmat. She already has the water running, and when he steps in and pulls her to him, her breasts and belly are slick and cool for the first moment against his skin.

She's humming something, some old hit from the nineties. Later on, when she passes him the shampoo, she starts singing out loud. He works some lather into her hair and adds his voice to hers.