Sequel ficlet for strippedhalo. Sequel to Quotidian.

come back tomorrow
by Lesa Soja

"JC, we are gonna be late," Chris said, the fingers of his free hand tapping on the wheel, and JC's soft sigh curled into his ear as neatly as if JC were already sitting next to him.

"I'm ready," JC promised before cutting the connection. "I'm walking out the door right now." But that was a barefaced lie; it was another ten good minutes before JC's front door opened and and he came dashing out. When he got into the car he leaned over to put a hand on Chris's neck and kiss him quickly before turning back for the seatbelt. "Where are we going, anyway?"

"Oh, nowhere," Chris said, pulling sharply away from the curb.

He'd thought the marquee at the movie theater would give it away, but JC only gave the English title one narrowed glance, as if obeying its imperative, before turning back to Chris with a puzzled smile. It wasn't till they were settled in the third-to-last row of the half-filled theater and the words zmruz oczy came up on the screen that JC's mouth dropped open.

"Chris!" he hissed, a rush of warmth on Chris's ear, and his hand came down heavily onto Chris's thigh. Chris let himself grin a little into the darkness and prepared to be very bored.

JC's hand stayed on Chris's leg, though, his little finger sweeping absently back and forth across the inside of Chris's thigh. At first it was just cute. Chris laid an arm across the back of JC's seat and slouched a little more against his own. JC's fingers kept moving steadily, and Chris found his breath coming faster.

"C," he whispered. JC leaned in close, and his hair brushed Chris's neck.

"Yeah?" JC whispered back.

"C," Chris said again, turning to look, and JC's mouth was very, very close. Chris almost leaned forward to meet him, but then a cell phone buzzed a few rows in front of them and popcorn rustled in a bucket and soda went gurgling up a straw. "Not here."

JC nodded and took his hand away and stood up, and Chris followed him out and down a garishly carpeted corridor to a brightly lit bathroom. A door banged shut behind them and then finally, finally Chris could pull JC's face down to his. JC's mouth was wet and soft. Chris kissed him and kissed him and slid shaky fingers into JC's waistband to span his bony hips. JC wrapped one hand around the back of Chris's neck and began palming Chris's ass with the other. Chris closed his eyes and held on.

They got a few glares when they ducked back into their seats, but Chris just returned his warmest, most glowing smile and leaned back luxuriously. He turned his eyes to the screen, but he wasn't really trying to read the subtitles or follow what was happening anymore, so it came as something of a shock when after only a few minutes the credits started to roll and the lights came up. Next to him, JC started laughing.

"What?" Chris said.

"It's just -" JC said, still snickering. "Like, we were waiting for so long without getting any closer, and then you went to all this trouble, and now we still haven't seen the movie."

"We will," Chris said quickly. "We'll come back tomorrow and see it again. And the next day, and the next day, and the day after that," he added, and JC grinned back at him and couldn't stop laughing.