For the 21st Century Digital Boyband La Ronde.

The Cook and the Consultant
by Lesa Soja

"Come in," Howie said to the knock.

Joey burst in the door, wrestling his jacket sleeves off his arms. "Hi," he said. "Hi. Sorry I'm late!"

"Where have you been?" Howie said.

Joey kicked off his shoes and pulled his sweatshirt over his head. "Shift ran over. Steve didn't show, and the place was full up. I had to stay in the kitchen till Janine could get someone to cover."

Howie shook his head. "Come here."

Joey nodded. He draped his jeans over a chair and came to the bed naked.

His hands smelled of onions, and his hair of grease. Howie turned his face slightly aside as Joey swung one knee over his thighs and planted broad hands on either side of his shoulders. Joey leaned down and pressed his face into the line of Howie's neck. "I'm really sorry," he said.

"Do you still want to keep doing this?" Howie said.

"Of course," Joey said.

"If you're not interested anymore, just say so. I can go back to the Apollo and meet ten more guys like you in ten minutes."

"I want to," Joey said. He ground against Howie, a heavy warmth, and his lips were hot and dry. "Don't you want to?"

Howie closed his eyes. "We don't have a lot of time now," he said. "Get ready quickly."

Howie felt Joey's breath on his collarbone, and then Joey stood up and went into the bathroom. Howie rolled over onto his stomach. He heard the water running as Joey washed his hands, and Joey's quick steps as he crossed the room again. Then Howie opened his eyes and looked back over his shoulder. He watched Joey lay a washcloth on the nightstand, chuck a wrapper into the trash can by the desk, and kneel on the bed to roll the condom on. When Joey finished, he sat back on his heels and looked up.

"Now fuck me," Howie said.

"Yeah," Joey said, and his voice was already rasping.

Joey pushed Howie's thighs apart and ran dry fingers down over Howie's ass. Howie opened his mouth, but then he felt the roughness of Joey's cheek on his skin, and the damp stroke of Joey's tongue. He pressed his lips together instead and let his forehead rest on the pillow.

Joey made broad sweeps up and down with the flat of his tongue, and then smaller, more deliberate circles. Howie shifted minutely between Joey's hands. He caught his breath when Joey dipped inside, arching into the slight stretch, but stilled again at the next stroke.

After a minute, he lifted his head again. "Joey," he said evenly.

"Yeah," Joey said, and he pulled away. His fingers were slick when they came back, and so was his cock. Howie just barely had time to slide his own hand down before Joey pushed into him.

Joey's breaths and grunts sounded loudly in the room, in time with his thrusts. Howie kept his own breathing quiet, only letting his eyes roll closed. The pillowcase felt coarse against his face.

When Joey's grasp urged his ass up higher, Howie twisted his head to the side and jerked his own dick faster. It only took another minute until he came, a hot rush in uneven pulses through his fingers. He bit his lip against his sigh.

Joey, who had paused momentarily, rocked inside him with renewed force, and Howie let himself slump against the sheets. Joey finished soon after, his fingers tightening on Howie's hips as he drove his last thrusts home.

Then Joey's hands slid down to the mattress on either side as he leaned low over Howie's back. "Fuck," he said, between breaths.

"Joey," Howie said, and his voice was almost gentle.

"Mm," Joey said, and he pulled away and reached for the washcloth. When Joey had wiped him clean, Howie slid clear of Joey's arm and sat up.

"This is new," Howie said. He had the heel of one hand on the edge of the mattress, pausing without getting up. Joey glanced down at his own leg.

"Oh yeah, that's for my little girl! She's the cutest thing, man, you should see her. Came out with a whole head full of dark hair, though a bunch of it fell out right away. But her eyes are still blue, and her mouth looks just like Kelly's. Good eater, too…" Joey fell silent at Howie's touch.

"I told you, I'm not interested in your wife." Howie looked down and traced his finger over Joey's calf: B, r, i, a, h. He stopped there abruptly and stood up. "Don't be late next time."

"I won't," Joey said quickly. "Wanna shower before you leave?"

Howie went to the closet, took his pants from their hanger, and put them on. "Can't. We're meeting in twenty minutes." He began buttoning his shirt.

Joey propped himself on one elbow. "You're going back in to the office? This late?"

"Con call with Bangalore," Howie said. He knotted his tie and glanced in the mirror. "It's worse for them, really - seven AM over there."

"Ah," Joey said blankly.

Howie picked up his suit jacket and his coat and went to the door. He looked back briefly at the bed. "Order some food before you go, if you want," he said. "Bye."

"See you," Joey said.