Five Things That Aren't True
by Lesa Soja


Justin's been in the business longer, but Lance is older. So when they're finally back in the hotel room, shivering on their beds with next week's underwear drying on the chairs, it's Lance who lifts up his blanket and says, "Well, come on." And Justin goes.

Justin's also the one with the moves. He can dance, he can swing, he can nudge and push just right to roll Lance over onto his back, and himself on top. But when he's propped on his hands looking down, it's Lance who finally says, "Come on, you," and draws Justin's mouth to his.


"That was pathetic," Joey says in the car. Lance ducks a quick smack to the side of his head. "'I felt it'? 'I felt it'? People are gonna think we're wimp-ass suckers who never learned how to kiss. And bad lays, too."

"Well, I apologize for ruinin' your image," Lance says, rolling his eyes. "Maybe tomorrow we can go find Em again and you can show me how it's done."

"Mm," Joey says. He is much closer suddenly, his hand next to Lance's shoulder, his arm a bar across Lance's chest. "I can show you right now."

Lance feels it.


It's not like it's some big orgy, Joey thinks. Even if JC's shirt is off as soon as the door is locked, even if his mouth is on Justin's neck while Chris kisses Justin's lips. It's not like that. Lance presses his face against Chris's back, his fingers curled around JC's wrist, and Joey curves one hand over Lance's knee while the other slides up to cup Justin's dick. Joey moves, they all move, but it's gentle, like waves, like breathing. Justin tips his head back and sighs when he comes, and it's just them, wrapped up together, quiet.



"How're you feeling?" JC says. The day is finally over and Joey looks tired, so tired. "Do you need another pillow? Another pill? I'll get you some water -"

"JC." When JC looks, Joey pats the sheet by his leg. His good leg. JC goes and lies down, and Joey's hand strokes through his hair. "Now. What's up?"

"I." JC frowns. "Joey… I had to say he was one of us and all, but - you know it's not the same, right?"

"I know," Joey says. His hand slides down to JC's cheek. JC turns and touches his lips to Joey's palm.


Jennifer looks really weird. Is that a keyboard on her shirt? And JC - with his glasses, and his hair pushed back, his nose has never looked so huge. Fucker. He glares at Chris while Jennifer's onstage. Chris scowls and scowls.

When it's over, JC drags Chris back to the dressing room. Chris intends to stay pissed, but then JC climbs into Chris's lap and twines his arms around Chris's neck.

"Now stop pouting," he says. "Nobody's leaving you."

"Hiatus! Fabulous!" Chris says. "Best idea ever!"

JC's eyes gleam dangerously. He tilts Chris's chin up with two fingers and leans in.