Improv ficlet for kel.

new favorite
by Lesa Soja

Justin sees her in the hallway and pauses, eyes narrowing. "Brit," he says.

"I came to see Chrissy's show," she says.

He studies her a moment longer and shakes his head. "Sure, baby," he says, and walks on.

"I came to see your show," she tells Christina, who's come up the corridor behind them. Christina smiles and takes Britney's hand.

"Thanks, Britney," she says. She squeezes Britney's fingers briefly between hers.

Outside there's a car just leaving and a car still waiting for them. Britney slides over to the far side of the seat, and Christina slides over next to her.

"Matt comes to lots of Justin's shows," Britney says, "and JC takes Tony everywhere. I don't see why I can't visit you."

"You can visit anytime you want," Christina says. Her hand rubs back and forth a little on Britney's knee.

Britney turns and kisses her, soft on Christina's waiting mouth. Christina slides closer still and parts her lips. Britney nudges two knuckles against the side of Christina's breast.

The hotel is very close, or the driver goes very fast, and before Britney knows it they are tumbling into and out of an elevator. The suite is bland and tidy, but Christina's suitcases are already in the bedroom. She goes to one of them and opens it while Britney stretches out on the bed.

When Christina comes back and sprawls on top of her, Britney locks her legs around Christina's. Christina leans down and kisses her, on her lips and her cheekbone and a series of licks at her ear.

"What'd you bring?" Christina asks after a moment. Britney tilts her chin at her purse on the nightstand, and Christina fetches it. Inside is Britney's new favorite dick, pleasantly slender with a firm curve at the tip. Christina grins. She pushes the hem of Britney's shirt up and lays the dick across her stomach, then tugs the shirt even farther up and takes Britney's breasts in her hands.

Eventually Christina undoes Britney's zipper, and Britney does up Christina's buckles. When Christina first starts to push in, Britney draws in a hissing breath and twists her head to the side. Then she shifts and looks up again.

"Chrissy," she says, and Christina pauses. "You know, I did come to see you."

Christina's mouth twists in a faint, secret smile. "Yeah," she says. "I know."