Lyric ficlet for stubbleglitter:

why do i feel bitter when i should be feeling sweet
- shakespear's sister

next one
by Lesa Soja

Justin sat down on the arm of the couch and started talking. Chris kept his fingers lined up carefully around the remote. "The next one," Justin said several times, "my next one." Not even like JC, who kept saying he was busy laying down new tracks. Justin was reading scripts again. The cops went down a hallway with guns drawn, and the music rose higher and higher.

"Chris?" Justin said. Chris shook his head to show he'd heard, as the uglier cop started ramming his shoulder against a door. Justin slid his ass off the armrest and into the space next to Chris. "Come on, you fucker. I'm excited about this."

Justin wrapped an arm around Chris and shook him, but Chris remembered walking past a doorway where Joel's voice said, "Fucking Kirkpatrick, thinks he -" and Paul and Benji were laughing.

"How's Morgan lately?" Chris said.

Justin stopped shaking. "Um. Fine, I guess?"

The lights in the hallway flickered, and the hotter cop swung his gun upwards. Justin leaned his chin on Chris's shoulder. A moment later he kissed Chris's temple, the little soft kisses that Chris allowed because that was how Justin was with him.

"Chris, I want you to tell me what's wrong."

And singers wanted to act, and popstars wanted to rock. That door had to be about to give. Chris patted Justin's thigh with a flat hand and pressed the channel down button with his other thumb.