For Georgina.

"Hey man, don't be pushin' me. A young youth like yourself… You're kinda cute. I'm thinkin' 'bout askin' you out."
- Justin Timberlake, Fake ID Club, Jr.

by Lesa Soja

Nick leaves his hotel without a plan, waiting only to find out where Nsync is staying before stalking out. He fumes all the way there. Knowing what his face must look like, he can hardly believe their bodyguards don't stop him, but they only nod to Mike and let Nick go on down the hall. He's in no mood to question it.

When Justin opens the door, Nick snarls. "What the hell did you say to my brother?"

Justin's surprised look hardens into a smirk. "Oh yeah," he says. "Aaron. He's pretty cute, for a Carter."

Nick would step between Aaron and a bullet; he would give Aaron his oxygen tank; he would grab knife blades with his hands, before he would let anyone touch a hair of Aaron's head. But he wasn't there to keep Aaron from hearing slime like this. He opens his mouth, and what comes out is, "Why don't you pick on someone your own size?"

Justin snorts. "Like who, you?"

Nick thinks of Aaron's charmed, uneasy face repeating that the Nsync guys were really cool to him. Backstreet took him in too easily to impress him anymore, but Nsync is a different story. Aaron was so proud he'd gotten on camera with them. He said it was great publicity. He said Justin really seemed to like him, and twined his hands nervously together. Even before Nick saw the footage, he knew he wasn't going to like it.

This industry makes boys grow up fast, especially if you're pretty and you want to get ahead. Nick knows that. But Aaron, despite his cockiness, is still a kid, and he deserves a chance to stay that way a little longer, and decide for himself.

"Yeah, me," Nick says.

He pushes forward into the room. Justin retreats before him, but there is still a laugh on his face.

Nick could scream, but he doesn't. He has to focus now, somehow has to figure out how to wipe that grin away. In his head there is a clear picture of his fist smashing into Justin's nose. But right after that comes a thin line of blood trickling down Justin's undiminished sneer. It might make Nick feel better, but that's not what he's here for.

He shoves Justin against the wall anyway, and smacks his hand down hard next to Justin's head. Justin's eyelashes flutter down for a second.

Justin opens his eyes again right away and turns the smirk back on. Nick saw, though. And now he notices Justin is getting hard. Justin watches him silently.

Maybe he knows how to make Justin forget about Aaron.

"You wanna go out, Timberlake?" he hisses. Justin's mouth opens in a soundless snicker. Nick leans in to Justin's ear and brings his free hand in a fist to the wall on the other side of Justin's head. "I'll take you out."

Justin's eyes are staring now, and his breaths come fast.

Nick shoves his palm against the front of Justin's jeans and listens grimly to Justin's gasp. He starts opening Justin's zipper with that hand and uses the other to tilt Justin's chin upwards. Justin's eyes spark and flare, but his body leans easily into Nick's touch.

Nick pulls out Justin's dick and jerks it roughly, not letting him break eye contact. "Listen," Nick says, forcing his voice into a dead calm. "There is no need to go messing with a kid."

Justin strains into Nick's hand and doesn't answer. He is fuck that close that fast. It might be frightening, if Nick stopped to think. He doesn't break his pace. He twists his wrist just so, and Justin comes.

For a flash of a moment Justin's face looks dreadfully young. But Nick steels himself against it and wipes his hand on Justin's thigh.

"You want something," he says, "you come to me."

He turns then and walks away, leaving Justin propped up against the wall.

Nick's stomach is roiling, but when the door falls shut behind him, it makes a satisfying thud.