Improv ficlet for Mary the Fan. Prequel to Tea.

right until
by Lesa Soja

Lance is insanely quiet, usually, right until he starts coming. Then out of nowhere he'll gasp and thrash and moan out loud, for a matter of seconds. AJ doesn't stop thrusting, but he closes his own eyes to listen.

It makes a change, the silence. Nick never holds anything back, and Brian, bless his heart, has always been a talker. And Timberlake, last time here, made so much noise that AJ never heard Lance at all.

Lance, now, makes one last drawn-out sigh before slumping down on the pillows. AJ makes a few more strokes and comes himself. When he moves off and turns to see Lance's face, Lance is smiling.

"I was talking to Min, earlier," he says. "She says business has been slow."

AJ tilts his chin a little. "It'll pick up at the holidays," he guesses. "Did you pay her for the room today yet?" Lance shakes his head. "I'll take care of it, then."

Lance smiles.

"Speaking of holidays," AJ says. "Next month?"

"I don't think I can get away," Lance says. "But." His eyes go distant as he pauses. "Second week of December?" he says finally.

"Sure," AJ says. Lance nods. His throat is still slightly flushed, AJ sees. His face is calm.

Lance gets up and starts pulling on his clothes. AJ sits up in the bed and puts the cleanest pillow behind his back. He spreads his legs out comfortably, sprawling across the whole width of the mattress now that it's free.

Lance tugs his boots on last and glances at his hair in the mirror, running one hand loosely through it. Then he turns to face AJ.

"So, December," Lance says. He's smiling. "Shall I bring someone along then? Or do you want me to yourself again?"

AJ folds his hands behind his neck, lounging against the headboard, and smiles back evenly. "Surprise me," he says.

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