by Lesa Soja

Doing the episode was all well and good. JC had fun yelling "Noooo!" into his microphone and watching his cartoon self get dragged away by the elbows. But then Justin gave him the poster, coming into his room one afternoon and saying, "Hey Jace, brought you a li'l somethin'," with a wide grin. JC smiled because he was getting a present from Justin, and unrolled it, and it was a recruiting poster. Gee!! I wish I were a man, it said. I'd join the Navy.

JC let it roll back up. "Thanks," he said sourly.

Justin laughed and smacked him on the ear. "See ya, freak," he said, and left.

JC shoved the poster away behind his duffel bag and went back to his notebook.

That night when he went to get his toothbrush he looked at the poster lying there with a little dent on one side of the roll. He picked it up and opened it and looked at the model's round cheeks and knowing smirk. He put it down again and went and brushed his teeth, thinking, and then he went down the hall to Lance's room and knocked. "Lance?"

"What?" Lance asked, opening the door.

"Do you have any scotch tape?"

Lance looked at him. "Sure," he said, and fetched it and gave it to JC.


JC went back to his own room and taped the poster up on the wall across from the bed. Then he took off his pants and his shorts and lay down and looked at Justin's soft blond curls spilling out from under the hat, Justin's bony knuckles clenched into fists, the wide open collar about to slip down Justin's pale shoulder, and Justin's hips thrust forward. JC stopped there abruptly and let go of his cock, panting, and then he looked at the wind blowing on the bare skin at the back of Justin's neck and started squeezing again.

A week or so later, Lance said, "JC, are you done with that tape yet?"

"Yeah," JC said, and he got the tape out of his bag and gave it back to Lance. In the next city they stopped in, he went to a drugstore and bought his own roll, and a package of those sticky squares, and a cardboard mailer tube.

In another hotel room, he woke up to insistent knocking. "JC! JC, open up!" He stumbled over to the door and opened it, and Justin burst in. "JC, you are never gonna believe -"

Then Justin caught sight of the poster and lost his train of thought. He came farther into the room to look at it. "Hey, you put it up," he said. "You really like it?"

JC panicked for three seconds before realizing that he didn't need to feel guilty at all. "Yeah," he said. "She's hot."

"Oh," Justin said.

"So what am I not gonna believe?"

"Nothing," Justin said. "Chris just - it wasn't important."

JC had loosened the blue ties of the shirt and was sliding the uniform pants down Justin's legs when he opened his eyes and read, Be a man and do it. He flopped over onto his back and threw his arm across his eyes. Then he shook his head against the pillow. He reached down instead and rubbed his thigh and put his other hand back on his dick.

Two nights later he was sitting on the edge of his bed with the rolled-up poster in his hands. Justin was looking at him again with disappointed blue eyes.

"Fuck," JC said aloud. "Fuck."

He got up and went and knocked on Justin's door. "Hi," Justin said when he opened it.

"Can I come in?" JC said.


JC closed the door. Justin stood near the foot of the bed, fidgeting a little. "What's up?"

JC walked over. "Listen, Just," he began, and then he saw Justin's hands clenching and just grabbed his face and kissed him. Justin jerked in surprise, but JC held on until Justin's mouth started to open before letting him go.

Justin took a step back. "Um, JC, uh, I don't think -"

"Yes," JC said, "you do."

Justin looked down, away, to one side, to the other. Then he swallowed and met JC's gaze. "Okay," he said. "I do."

JC smiled. He stepped forward, pulled down the neck of Justin's T-shirt, and kissed his collarbone. Justin's chin lifted, and he made a little oh sound. JC slid his arm around Justin's back and pushed him down onto the bed.

Justin's shoulders were a little tawnier in real life, and of course he'd had to go and lop off all the curls. But he lifted his hips obediently to let JC pull off his track pants, and his cock thrust sweetly into JC's spit-slicked palm. JC meant to get Justin to do more for him, but after watching Justin's last few back-arching thrashes, JC just found the groove along Justin's hipbone and stayed there till he came.

After JC rolled off him, Justin turned onto his side. "C?" he said after a while.


"Do you think maybe… sometime…"


Justin bit his lip. "I'm down at the wharf, waiting for ships," he said. "You're coming back on shore leave. You come down the pier and see me standing there, and I say -"

"Justin," JC said.

"- hello -"

JC grabbed him and clamped a hand around Justin's jaw to cut him off. "When I get through with you," he said in Justin's ear, "you're not gonna be able to look at a ship for the next two years."

"Or, four years," Justin said hopefully.

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