Sequel ficlet for rikes. Sequel to Sailor.

see you
by Lesa Soja

Being in first class makes a lot of things about flying better - the food, the footrests, the pillows, the legroom - but it doesn't make the "minor mechanical issue" get fixed any faster, or the sun sink any slower. So by the time they finally land and JC stumbles through the gate, it's nearly one AM and all he can think is suitcase - taxi - hotel; suitcase - taxi - hotel. Baggage claim is deserted except for the other passengers from his flight, all crowded around the lone moving carousel. Finally, finally, his bag shows up, and he grabs it and then turns around in a full circle looking for the exit. Behind him, Justin says, "C."

JC whirls around and there - he could have sworn the spot was empty a moment ago - there's Justin, in jeans and a gray hoodie, leaning, no, lounging against a pillar. The hood is pulled all the way up to shade his face, but no other security is apparent. JC bites back the impulse to call out Justin's name and instead grabs the handle of his suitcase and starts squeezing a path between kissing couples and harassed parents.

Justin has his head tilted back against the concrete and a small smile is hovering at the corners of his mouth. When JC has almost reached him, he shifts a little and rests a hand on his cocked hip, elbow jutting jauntily out. He opens his mouth and JC bites his own lip and Justin says, "Hello, s-"

"Oh my fucking god," JC says, closing the last gap between them in two long steps and slapping his hand over Justin's mouth. "Don't. Do not even."

Justin raises his eyebrows. JC glares once more for good measure and then lowers his hand.

"I was gonna say," Justin says innocently, "'hello, C.'"

JC narrows his eyes. Justin grins once more and lifts his chin. "That all you brought?"

"Yeah," JC says. Justin pushes off the wall in one smooth movement and starts walking away towards the parking garage.

"What are you doing here, anyway?" JC asks, following.

"Picking you up."


Justin stands still and turns till JC catches up. "Making sure you're not an ass, JC. Last time you were in town I never even got to see you. I wanna see you."

"Oh, you do," JC says, and his stomach is suddenly doing something flippy that he hasn't felt in a while. A long while.

Justin says, "Yeah!" in an irritated tone and starts walking again. JC takes a fresh grip on his suitcase and falls into step next to him, and the rhythm of their feet repeats you do, you do, you do.