Ficlet for sky_pie challenge #5.

by Lesa Soja

JC and Lexi are walking, slowly, meditatively, with many more pauses than Baron usually makes. Still the exercise seems to be doing Lexi good; she's stopped to shit three times already, and is beginning to hunch her back like it's time for a fourth. She was definitely cooped up for way too long.

The first few shits were solid, almost hard, but what she deposits now in the grass at the sidewalk's edge is much softer, like a very thick mousse that can just barely hold its shape. Malleable, JC thinks, slipping a fresh plastic bag over his hand and stooping to scoop the shit up, and indeed it smushes easily under the pressure of his fingers, shaping itself to his palm. It's still warm, too, the warmth of Lexi's body not gone from it yet, and barely blunted by the thin plastic.

JC flexes his hand again and studies the yellow tint of the smear at his fingers, deepening through goldenrod and ochre to the warm brown of the mass cupped in his palm. Funny how something is part of your body and then it isn't anymore. Or was it never part of you at all? Inside you but separate, never merging.

Lexi tugs on the leash, and JC pulls the bag off inside out with his other hand and ties off the top. Soon after that she makes the turn toward Lance's house of her own accord. JC throws all the bags in the trash out back and opens the door for Lexi without going in himself. When Lance gets back JC's going to return his key, for real.