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slid over
by Lesa Soja

JC moved his hand a little, and Justin shifted his hip beneath it, but JC only smiled at him and took another sip from his bottle.

"So then Lance?" JC prompted him.

"Uh," Justin said. "Um, yeah, then Lance said he hadn't seen snow like that since Russia. And I said, wasn't it summer when he was there, and he said, maybe I didn't know all the times he was there. And then he kind of winked at me, and he was laughing - just like you -" because JC's eyes were folding up at the corners and his mouth was starting to twitch. "JC -" Justin tried to sit up in an abortive movement that brought his wrists up hard against the cuffs.

"Hey, no, go on," JC said, and his face had smoothed back out into its steady expression. "Tell me, Justin."

"Um," Justin said, still watching JC's eyes. "Well, after that we went and got our boots on -"

JC's hand slid over another fraction of an inch. Justin caught his breath and let his shoulders drop back onto the pillow.