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so busted
by Lesa Soja

Chris has never had to doubt that Justin loves him. For one, it's not like it's something Justin tries to hide. And, more importantly, Chris thinks he knows Justin well enough to be able to tell anyway, even if Justin did try. One carefully aimed pillow, one stinging slap on the knee, one curl of the lip during breakfast, and Justin would be so busted.

Chris watches his own hand shaking Justin's shoulder and thinks, well? Justin mutters "ten minutes" and rolls to his feet after five. Chris lies back and shoves a pillow under his neck.

"Wha'?" Justin yells from the bathroom.

"What what?" Chris says.

Justin reappears in the doorway and takes his toothbrush out of his mouth. "Chris," he warns.

"You're easy to fuck," Chris says. Justin's eyebrows rise, and Chris waves his hand. "Easy on the eyes, easy on the dick. Easy."

"Callin' me easy now," Justin says, and turns back into the bathroom. Chris gets up and is almost at the threshold when Justin's heel lashes back and kicks the door shut in his face.

"I take it back, Timberlake!" Chris yells. "You're the most difficult fucker I ever had to make four albums with!"

The door maintains a dignified silence. Chris wishes suddenly, more than anything, that he could watch Justin's eyes rolling right now.