First line ficlet for stubbleglitter.

too confusing
by Lesa Soja

He was pretty sure Justin believed him. Either that, or Justin was still hung over and not taking much of anything in. "So we're good?" Chris said.

"Yeah," Justin said, "fuck, Chris. We're fucking fine."

"Because this doesn't mean you're getting rid of me."

"Clearly," Justin said. He scrubbed both hands hard over his face.

Chris jumped up and went into the bathroom. "And I'm still taking you to Vegas next month," he said, turning on the tap.

"You gonna book another room?"

Chris glanced back over his shoulder. "Um," he said, "sure. If you want."

"Whatever," Justin said. He was digging his knuckles into his temples, not looking up.

Chris turned back to the sink to find the glass running over. He turned the water off and headed back to the bed. "And I'm still gonna crash your movie afterparty. And your New Year's party. And everything. So really, it's all just gonna be the same as it was, before." He held the glass out, and Justin's long arm and broad hand reached up to take it.

"Mmhm," Justin mumbled, tilting his head back. The roughened lines of his jaw and throat worked as he drank.

Chris tapped one foot rapidly against the floor. "Seriously, you want to get another room? 'Cause we totally can. If it'd be, like, too confusing, or whatever."

Justin finished swallowing and lowered the glass. "No," he said then, "I got it. That was the last time."

He looked Chris in the eye, and when Justin looked like that, he was pretty easy to believe.