They do but jest, fuck in jest; no offence in the world.

Smile on Your Brother

Patience   Chris/Justin.
Estrangement   JC/Chris. Sparkly glee.
Selfish ficlet: braces  
Sequel ficlets: come back tomorrow | pay for that | see you | so proud
In Control Curious   Lance/Justin. Secret Santa-ry.
sky_pie ficlet: separate
Aspera   Chris/Lance. Secret Santa-ry.
Comment porn: slid over
Recipient-icon ficlets: so busted | testimony | her business
Angles   Kevin/Nick. Secret Santa-ry.
Lyric ficlet: next one
First line ficlets: was married | too confusing
The Cook and the Consultant   Howie/Joey. La Ronde segment.
Icon ficlets: car j'en ai un joli | down for fame
Ambition   Chris/JC.
Improv ficlets: four seventeen | new favorite | right until | partway down | doing fine | look happy | had to
Stick Around   JC/Chris. Secret Santa-ry.
Dork   Nick/Brian.
Passage   Justin.
Five Things That Aren't True   Fiction, baby.
Quotidian   JC/Chris. And after that: come back tomorrow
Cross-Country Train   Britney/Madonna.
Gloves   Drabble.
Twitch   JC/Lance. Secret Santa-ry.
Traveling   JC/Lance.
Breakfast   JC.
Rescue   Chris/Joey.
Graciously housed at Sky Stories: Open   Chris.
Nocturne   Joey/Nick.
Destination Moon   Lance.
Non-Issue   Lance. With gracious permission from Schuyler.
Save   JC/Joey.
Company   JC/Chris.
Protection   Nick/Justin.
Hunt   Nick/Chris.
Graciously housed at highpop: Sea Cruise   Crossovery. Schuyler and Calico wrote all the good parts.
Early   JC/Keri.
Ring   Justin.
In His Kitchen   JC/Nick.
Harem   Cotton candy.
Tea   AJ/Lance/Joey. Secret Santa-ry. And before that: right until
There   GSF.
Secure   Nick. Georgina magnanimously accepted a stowaway in the hackery universe.
Consolation   Joey/Lance. And after that: so proud
Far   Fluff.
Curandero   Drabble.
Serious   JC/Joey.
Graciously housed at Temporary Insanity: Bottom of the Fifth   GSF. Nemo, Schuyler, and Elina wrote all the good parts.
Item   Joey. And after that: pay for that
Night   Chris/Lance.
Lift   Lance.
Show   Joey/Justin.
Songs: Experience | Innocence | Myself   Lance.
Wish   Justin.
Code   JC/Lance.
Water   JC/Justin (+ cameo).
Songbird   Chris/JC.
Match   Lance/Justin.
Review   Guest stars!
Type   JC.
Walk   Mprov.
Soldier   Dryer lint.
Sailor   JC/Justin. And after that: see you
Glass   Chris/Lance.
Project   Joey.
Spit   Lance/JC.
Bottles   Justin.
Band   JC/Justin.

I have never met any of the celebrities referred to in these stories, and I don't know what their sexual orientations are. These stories are fiction and are not meant to imply anything about the actual people on whose public characters they are based. The stories include same-sex and opposite-sex sexual content and should not be read by anyone for whom they would be offensive or illegal.

Come on people now, smile on your brother
Everybody get together, try to love one another right now

- Chet Powers

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