Some Blind Hand

Voici mes ailes!      For I dance
     And drink & sing,
     Till some blind hand
     Shall brush my wing.
     - William Blake

Lift  by Lesa Soja
falling is like this  by jessa sue
Wings  by Schuyler
Watching: Fly  by Jae
Ascension  by Kaneko
Strange Humanity  by JP
More Than the Eye Can See  by Miss Kitty E.
Sweet Surrender  by allen_sama
Borne  by Jae
Pretty Dead City (especially 10: shiny shiny smile)  by Wax Jism
To Be Loved  by Sai
Useless  by Cristen
Instruments of Faith and Sex and God  by Sandy Keene
Wings   by Gale
Close Your Eyes   by Crystal
Cliché  by Georgina
dagaon  by halo
white feathers  by halo
falling is like this  by jessa sue
Gossamer  by Schuyler
Black Rock (Nevada)  by Cranky Girl
Fly  by Amber
Angels AU (WIP) by CJ and Pet
Wish I May (WIP) by Nemoinis
Perfectly Windless Sky  by KyraLeon
Temptation  by Terpsichore
Eden  by Theoria
The Elementals  by Kittie
Hunt  by Lesa Soja
Angels AU (WIP) by CJ and Pet
(untitled)  by Mary the Fan
Living Miracle  by Proserpina
Delight  by Proserpina
50 Cent and Eminem
Number Come Up  by Charli J
gotta have 'em
Angel's Flight Path

Voici mes ailes! (1922) by George Barbier, from Falbalas et Fanfreluches, almanach des modes présentes, passées et futures pour 1922-1926. Paris: Meyniel, 1921-1926.

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