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  The Deal   X-Files/Angel crossover. 6/00.
  Weird Inside   11/99.
  Window Treatment   8/99.
  Get On The Bus   X-Files/My Neighbor Totoro crossover. 9/97.


  I Don't Want To Loose You Now   Mulder/Scully. 7/97.

Not Quite Slash

  THE (NEW) FOX & ALEX SHOW's Main Title Theme   A piece of XF filk. There is no X in Walter Sergei Skinner. (Nor, for that matter, in Dana Katherine Scully.) 1/99.
  Me And Cancerman Down By The Hoover   Another piece of XF filk. 11/98.
  The M/K Jokebook   Stop me if you think that you've heard this one before. Last update 3/99.


  Return   Scully/Mulder. 10/00.
  My Thin Skin   Mulder/Krycek. 9/00.
  Jericho   Exley/Dales. 5/00.
  Déception   Scully/Holly. Why should the boys have all the fun? 2/00.
  Two Fathers   Mulder/Krycek. I can, uh, do happy. 12/99.
  Release   Mulder/Krycek (among other things). 11/99.
  The Replacements   Kowalski/Krycek. due South/X-Files crossover. 9/99.
  Christmas Tree Farm   Mulder/Krycek. 8/99.
  Bait & Switch   Mulder/Krycek. 12/98.
  Stumble   Mulder/Krycek. Zine story, originally published in Nothing to Hide. Many thanks to GET-THE-BOYS-TOGETHER-PRESS for kindly granting permission to post it online. 7/98.
  Ebbe (auf Deutsch) / Ebb Tide (in English)   Mulder/Krycek. 9/97.
  Actor's Nightmare   Mulder/Krycek. 7/97.  
  'dentity Crisis   Mulder/Krycek. Sequel (of sorts) to "Actor's Nightmare." 11/97.

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